Exercise and commitment.

After I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes I u,sed to make it a point to walk in excess of 15k steps a day. I would get into the tube one stop later and get off one stop earlier. I had to do something before my condition became permanent. Today I realised the extent of my commitment and how strong I was. I wanted to ease myself into exercising and building up my stamina. I took 200 steps to complete 400 meters. It takes me about 2,800 steps to get to the gym one way. This essentially means that I have to walk a minimum of four kilometres in the gym.

I decided to do this as a response to watching The Fast Fix. In my mind, I had kept a goal of 8 kilos in 8 weeks. I think 5 kilos a week is more realistic. Anything over that will be a bonus. I do not have a T-Rex chasing after me but I would like to fit back into the wardrobe that I bought when I lost a lot of weight. I am thinner and fitter than I was before my Diabetes but not close enough to what I became after I started on my Intermittent fasting plan.

I have nearly all kinds of diets. The worst by a royal mile was the Beyonce Diet. I barely survived two days. I liked the GM Diet but Day four probably messed with the balance in my body and caused me to have small nocturnal epileptic jerks. I like the G.I. Diet but that requires a lot of exercises to supplement it and honestly, it is a slight pain to go through a list of food and recipes that were low G.I. Being allergic to seafood did not help my cause which is why I had to stop the Dukan Diet even though it worked wonders. There came a point when you had to question whether eating all that red meat and white meat is actually good for you.

I finally came across Intermittent Fasting. Unlike the rest, it propagates a change in lifestyle. Exercise aids weight loss. The gradual loss in weight also gives you the physical strength to go to the gym. The most difficult part for me in the 13th hour. That is when you have to muster each and every morsel of mental strength that you have. Distract yourself somehow.

I am looking forward to the rewards and hopefully week two will be better than Week one.

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