Fly me to the moon

I suggested that there would be a Game of Thrones scenario in the RCB and SRH match. I said that there would be a Super Over. I think SRH came pretty damn close to pulling it off and either winning or taking it into a Super Over. The overs by Southee at the end changed it. Though the Game of Thrones scenario could be more accurately attributed to the batting of A.B. Devilliers, Moeen Ali, Kane Williamson and the flying catch by Devilliers. RCB has come to the party late but they may just end up being the Arya Stark of the IPL. The princess who became nobody who I believe now is one of the most dangerous and deadliest characters in Game of Thrones.

RCB are full of big stage players. If they qualify then their chances of winning would be about 50%. For now below is the 14 point scenario.

RCB has to beat RR. If they do that then they will definitely qualify if CSK win both their remaining matches and Delhi beats Mumbai. If KKR and Mumbai win their matches then most probably RCB will not qualify based on Net Run Rate. The show is not over until the fat lady sings or as they say in Hindi. ” Picture abhi baki hai, mere dost” which translates into “The film is not over yet my friend.”

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