My journey from Protestantism to Catholicism has been a long and arduous one which included an extension of one year because of Covid. I have not been one to make New Year resolutions but attending the Mass on Epiphany, which is one of the Holy days of Obligation, has made me want to follow all the Holy days of Obligation this year. It is almost as if I had an epiphany on Epiphany. The first thing that dawned on me as I knelt after partaking in the Eucharist was that the Holy days of Obligation are opportunities to remind ourselves of the significant events in our religion so that we can remind ourselves of the foundations of our faith. In hindsight, I have realised that I have always questioned the notion of Sola Scriptura. Relying only on the scriptures would be inward looking, which I believe defeats the whole purpose of Christianity. We have to be open to ideas and the confluence of each culture with religion because that is what makes us unique.

I have started making small changes in my life to improve my well-being. Some are religious, some are cultural, and the others are common sense well-being practices from mostly Sadhguru. Two of the things that he has said, which I have started following, is to start my day with a smile. Being alive and enjoying life and all creation is worth being happy about. The second advice from him that I have incorporated into my life is to get up on the right side of my body because that is the stronger side, which will place lesser strain on other organs, especially the heart. I have also started sleeping with my head facing East and have kept my altar based on vaasthu too. Finally, I have begun meditating using “Jesus in Red”, which contains 365 meditations on the words of Jesus. It has been less than two weeks, so it is too early, but I need something more macro and contemplative because that is who I am. Religion is a tool for spirituality, and spirituality is what improves first yourself and then the world. It is like humans are resistant to change, but change is the only sign of life, so it has to be embraced no matter how daunting it seems. I hope that 2023 will make you feel alive.

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