Digital, Drive Thru & Delivery: The Chase Is On!

Yesterday was probably the most fulfilling day I have had since I joined McDonald’s. The Chase was being filmed at Elstree Studios, and that brought a myriad of people from all over the country in addition to our regular customers. Anyone can keep the dining area clean, but not everyone has the ability to make customers feel special and that they are more than just an order number. Interacting with customers excites me, and the more that walk through our doors, especially at the same time, the more energised I feel.

Digital Drive Thru and Delivery is the focus of McDonald’s and I was fortunate to meet a few of the members of the Digital Team. Their vision and passion for making Digital the centre of growth in the U.K. and Ireland so that the customer experience can be improved is evident. I believe that the rate of growth for Digital in the U.K. and Ireland will surpass that of the United States. If I ever needed proof then I had it last night.

The arrival of the audience after the recording of the evening session of The Chase coincided with our night peak period for deliveries and Drive-Thru, which left me to handle the walk-in customers by myself. I used every tool at my disposal to speed up the process. I made sure that all our touch screen points were being used. I also requested the customers to use or download the My McDonald’s app so that they would get their order as fast as possible, which most of them did, and that reduced the queuing time further. These were decisions that I had to take and communicate in a matter of seconds and it paid off.

Most of the people who will read this post will be getting ready to start their weekend. I will shortly be starting my shift, and I anticipate that it will be a busy and long one. I am looking forward to it as just like The Chase, we have our time targets to achieve, and just like The Chase, the thrill is in reaching that goal irrespective of the number of people available to get to that goal or the challenges that we will face.

Finally, your feedback matters not only to us but also to any McDonald’s you end up visiting. Please do take the time to fill in the survey, the details of which can be found on your receipt.

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