“Freedom Day”: Just Another Wishy-Washy Stance.

I have avoided mixing other topics on my blog because I believe that cricket is a game that unites and I did not want anything else distracting the cricket content on my blog but Freedom Day which will be on July 19th are filled with statements that leaves things up in the air with it’s feeble attempt to please everyone.

I have been working in customer care for a few months now and the reality of the weakness of the legal requirement for face masks soon became apparent. I did my usual thing where I politely asked people who said they were exempt to bring some sort of indication of their exemption. Most if the people who walked through our doors wore the hidden disabilty sunflower lanyard and others would say they are exempt and show an inhaler. Then there was a third group that didn’t want to wear a mask and we’re misusing the exemption clause. I would politely ask them to bring some kind of proof the next time they came until a man informed me that he didn’t have to do so. I did my homework and was shocked to find out that this was the case. I completely understand the need to avoid a multi-tier system where people are treated differently but there should have been some other option.

The government has left the decision for covid protocols to remain or removed based on the company while leaving the use of face masks to being a personal choice. I foresee a country where companies that are flexible with their working conditions and those that offer significantly over the market rate will be the ones that will attract talent. Everyone else will be left with a lower quality workforce who will be ready to leave as soon as they find a flexible company or one that pays more. Covid still exists and a person will have to self isolate if they get infected or come into contact with someone who gets infected. If you fall sick then you will end up getting £98 a week. A person on minimum wage will end up losing about £250 for every week they have to isolate. If I was working for a company where I was successfully working from home and the company forced me to come into work then I would need a minimum salary hike of two weeks per month or in writing that my full salary and not the statuary minimum will be paid in case of any illness.

I do not have the problem of travelling to work as I am within walking distance of my place of employment. I do not have the option to work from home because I am in the hospitality industry and customer care. I have complete confidence that the right decision will be taken by the management but I will continue to wear face masks and gloves while I face the customers for the foreseeable future because it is safer and will take the Covid Self Test regularly. I have had both doses of my vaccine but will take boosters if required. I hope for the best but we are nowhere near the beginning of the end. I also believe that we will have at least one more wave and some form of lockdown. I hope the government takes a stronger stand before it is too late.

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