Karnataka: Game of Thrones

I love the title. All credit goes to NDTV. I was up until the wee hours of morning watching with morbid fascination on how the events unfolded. My interest in politics and my former home city kept me glued to the news until the point came that I knew that I would have to spend the next couple of nights on the couch if I stayed up any longer. As usual my mind was not focussing solely on the historic events unfold in Bangalore and Delhi. I kept wondering what would happen to the match between RCB and SRH. Would there be a law and order situation that would prevent the game from going on? In that case each team would get one point each. Would there be a 13 point situation which would drive the RCB fans at Cricbuzz to chew their nails working out a 13 point scenario and give Michael Vaughn mad?

I do not know who will become the final chief minister of Karnataka. Like Game of Thrones it may have some bizarre twist. I have a feeling that something similar will happen to RCB too. The wise Harsha Bhogle said that it would be a 200 wicket. I honestly would like to see SRH get bowled out for under 100 and Bangalore get the runs in 10 overs. That would still make it a 200 run wicket. A Game of Thrones scenario in today’s game would be a super over. We have not had one in an IPL so far and I think we should have one today. That would definitely make Bangalore the most happening city in the world for the last 24 hours.

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