CWC19 Finals: England vs. New Zealand


The sky is cloudy, the pitch was covered because of the rain and I am on my way to the fan zone at Trafalgar Square. England has won the There is a sense of nervousness and excitement. There have hardly been any advertisements about the cricket where I live but it was good to see people heading to various places donning the colours of the English team. I have tried to be as objective as possible in all of my posts about cricket but I am finding it hard to do today.

The numbers are mixed. Only two hosts have won the tournament but that has happened in the last two tournaments. Can England make it three? Since the 2015 World Cup there have been three out of four ODI where the side winning the toss at Lords have batted and won. However this reduces to one match won and one lost when games involving England are considered. This game will be interesting as far as numbers are concerned irrespective of who wins. In the meantime I will continue to enjoy the atmosphere at the fanzone.

Mid Innings Comments

The fan zone is full and the queue for the beer and food but there is a huge sense of excitement. Every run saved and wicket that went down.

2 thoughts on “CWC19 Finals: England vs. New Zealand

    1. psoans says:

      Sorry I did not see this before. I was at Trafalgar Square watching the game from the fanzone so I did not have a good connection. I wanted England to win but I honestly thought England had lost it at 98/4.


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