Thank You to the Cricket Community

This post is long due but I have epilepsy which is mostly under control but one idiot posted a reply to a message that I sent to Epilepsy Action which adversely affected me. I have followed the Covid19 guidelines because I believe that the measures that they are taking are in the best interest of the country. I do not mind the isolation but there are downsides to it. I have been verbally abused by people when doing my essential shopping because I go in the vulnerable queue. It is extremely embarrassing to explain to every third person that I have epilepsy. I have to do this because I am concerned about my safety but more importantly I do not want to waste the precious resources of the NHS. This post is not about me because there are so many people that are worse off than I am. This is where the cricket community, especially in the U.K., has led by example. I had questioned whether the community was doing enough and I do not have any regrets about it because if I did not have to write that then I would not have been able to write this where I can applaud their actions. I know I will miss out on some people and organisations but I can and will mention whoever I can.

  1. Jos Buttler:  Donating his World Cup shirt which raised £65,000 was beyond the call of duty.
  2. Heather Knight & Sophia Dunkley: Both of them have signed up as NHS volunteers.
  3. Stuart Broad & Harry Gurney: I singled out Tap and Run in my previous post so I will specifically mention them now. Tap & Run started selling fresh produce shortly after the pubs were asked to close and they started doing takeaways. They are closed now but they played their own part and I congratulate them for it.
  4. The Men’s &Women’s Cricket Team: Both the centrally contracted players of the English team led by example and have taken voluntary pay cuts or donated to charity at a time when The Players Cricket Association were beating around the bush with vague press releases and the premier league players felt that it would be economically more beneficial for the government if they had to pay taxes than to take pay cuts.
  5. County Cricket Clubs:  Some clubs that were proactive and took early steps that paved the way for an agreement to be reached with the PCA which I believe will benefit the game.
  6. Cricket Magazines and Freelancers:  This is a difficult time for both cricket magazines and freelancers. They have contributed to not only keeping the morale of the cricket lovers high but they have supported each other too. As always there are people who make it their sole purpose to criticise cricket but there are others like George Dobell, Vithushan Ehantharajah and Elizabeth Ammon who are making a difference with what they write.
  7. My Fellow Bloggers:  I can confidently say that all of us bloggers expected to be busy blogging away by examining the performance of players in the county matches or the IPL and of course debating The Hundred. Now we are in a place wondering what type of content we should post and whether it will be appropriate during this time. We have to produce content to maintain our followers while trying to build our Domain Authority and other metrics.
  8. Twitterati: We all are social distancing but this confinement has made us reveal ourselves with less than 280 characters at a time. I hope I will be able to meet some of you, especially over a cricket match.

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