All Lives Matters

It’s only Wednesday, but by now if your favourite sport or team has not come out with anything ranging from anger at the death of George Floyd, acknowledging it or simply posting a black screen, then go ahead and find yourself someone and something new to follow. : Vithushan Ehantharajah

I have intentionally shied away from controversial topics in my blog because I wanted to concentrate more on the numbers than opinions especially after the reaction I received on my post on Adil Rashid when I shared it on a related post on Being Outside Cricket. However cricket is a game where the beauty of a perfectly executed cover drive is as revered as Don Bradman’s average of 99.94.

I have been wanting to write about Kolpaks in English Domestic Cricket as well the quota system in Cricket South Africa but I was taken aback when someone equated me to being a supporter of Apartheid because I stated that the selection process of South Africa is wrong because it does not necessarily mean that the best playing XI take to the field. This is not the right time to write about this issue considering the current global events that are taking place all over the world.

The needless murder of George Floyd has brought the issue of racial discrimination to the forefront once again. The world is going through a very difficult time because of Covid19 so therefore it is essential that all social distancing measures are observed while protesting. Protesting about anything should not risk the life or livelihood of anyone else. The #MeToo movement has demonstrated the power that social media can bring to those who needs justice. I completely support the peaceful protests that have been taking place where people have been sensitive and kept a circumference of two meters but the others should seriously take a step back and examine their actions. Anarchy is not the solution in these times of confusion. We should be united not only as a nation but globally. If you want to make a difference then go and vote no matter what the time and weather. Make your voice loud and clear but in a polite way on social media. Start a blog or contact someone who has a blog and ask them whether you can be a guest writer for them. I am proud to be part of a community that has taken positive steps in promoting diversity.

Discrimination whether based on physical, religious or mental characteristics exists and I have been on the receiving end of it more than I would like. I was in India during the Cauvery riots and the demolition of Babri-Masjid where people were needlessly killed and brutalised by fanatical people. I was in the vicinity of the Tottenham retail park close to the time when riots started to break out because of the shooting of Mark Duggan and was at work when the building shook by the vociferous chanting and marching by groups carrying effigies of people being hung. I was in Walthamstow when its residents decided to peacefully protest by staging a sit-down at a key point through which the English Defence League had to pass. 

I have no idea whether the diversity in the English cricket side is a result of their clear plan in targeting the British Asian and Caribbean communities or whether it is by chance but I do hope that this diversity will continue not for the sake of having people from diverse backgrounds but because the best talent breaks through all barriers.

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