What to Glean from The ECB’s Statement

The ECB has given an update about English Cricket which I find interesting because of the way it has been worded. It is as much as to what is not said to what has been stated. This is what I read into it.

  1. There will be no cricket in England & Wales until July 1st: It may be wishful thinking but this could imply that there could be cricket in June played possibly in the Caribbean.
  2. Blocks for Red and White Ball Cricket: One of the greatest fear of supporters of County Cricket is that the County Championship would be the sacrificial lamb this season. This statement seems to suggest that both red and white-ball cricket will be played but it is not clear whether it will be just in two blocks or will it be as things stand where you have the County Championship happening at the start and end of the season with white-ball cricket in the middle. The important thing though is that if cricket starts by July 1st then we will see some form of red-ball cricket even if it is a truncated season.
  3. Vitality Blast: It looks like the ECB will do their best to have a complete Vitality Blast which is good as it is the main cash generator for the clubs.
  4. Rescheduling International Cricket: I find this the most interesting statement because it looks like the West Indies series will happen albeit at a different time but nothing is mentioned about the Australia, Pakistan and Ireland series. It is looking highly likely that we will be looking at two separate teams for Red Ball and white ball Cricket with matches happening concurrently and shorter breaks in between games. The main problem I see is Pakistan not agreeing to field separate teams for Red and white ball though I am sure that an amicable solution can be reached. Of all the series; I think that the most important one that needs to be played is the one with Ireland because this is best for the overall health of cricket.
  5. Second meeting for The Hundred: This could imply that there is no consensus about how The Hundred is to be handled whether it is for this season or the future. The only white-ball cricket that we know will happen is Vitality Blast. Everything else is open for discussion.

Cautiously optimistic is a phrase that is often used in the world of finance and this statement is filled with it. I have always found it to be oxymoronic even though I have used it and possibly still do. Of course, all this could amount to nothing if there is no improvement in the global Covid19 situation. I try not to end my posts on a negative note but there will be more problems to worry about if Covid19 is not controlled by July than the lack of cricket.

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