All You Need is Luck!

I came across a YouTube video where a Christian evangelist was talking about Reddit’s influence on the shares of GameStop. He also spoke about getting $1,000 in change which he used to buy shares worth $1 each, and he ended up selling it for $8 per share after there was no movement for one year. Which of these were a better investment?

I am not endorsing Reditt’s Wallstreetbets but if a group of people believe that the shares should be valued at a different price than what the analysts of big banks have priced them at then good for them! I have talked to and read more than enough to know that the experts get it wrong most of the time.

Luck or the lack of it is an essential part of cricket. Still, at some point, there will be a turnaround and while I don’t believe that Dominic Bess is a bad spinner, but I just can’t find a way to justify comments that Bess bowled outstandingly well to the extent that he bowled better than Leach. Bess has played 13 Tests since his debut and has taken 36 wickets in the process of which 17 wickets were taken this year. Two people addressed the issue of Dominic Bess being lucky in #politeEnquiries, and George Dobell beautifully answered it. I have gone through all the 17 wickets taken by Bess this year, and I believe a maximum of eight wickets can be attributed to outsmarting the batsman. You will probably see better balls bowled in a village cricket match. Bess has also been lucky in the sense that he somehow manages to scrape runs when he fails with the ball giving him the appearance of being able to bat which puts him ahead of other better spinners who are struggling in the county circuit. The simple question is, what does a spinner have to do to replace either Dominic Bess or Jack Leach?

Finally, the image used in the blog is not from the India-England series as the BCCI has complete control of images and clips put up on social media and I am not in any mood to get a message threatening to close my account just because I found a picture of Pujara’s dismissal.

3 thoughts on “All You Need is Luck!

  1. Thomas says:

    There is a but of a shortage of genuine alternatives to Leach and Bess at the moment – there is Matt Parkinson (FC bowling average 25.22) who I would like to see get chance, Amar Virdi has a respectable first class record as well, and Liam Patterson-White takes his wickets at 21.00 in first class cricket but has only played five matches at that level to date. Leach showed real character to come back from Pant’s assault in the first innings of the last test match, and bowled excellently in the second innings. Bess has now had respectable wicket hauls in three successive matches, whatever people say about his bowling. Other than the three spinners I have already mentioned there is Daniel Moriarty at Surrey who is showing signs of promise, and a radical solution could be to see what Sophie Ecclestone could do among the men.

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    1. psoans says:

      Leach is excellent in all conditions, but I think that Amar Virdi should be given a chance. I believe that he bowled 1.1 overs in Sri Lanka and took a wicket, but Bess did not. I don’t think he was given a chance to play in Southampton so I do not know when he will get a chance to play as England usually don’t rest their spinners.


    2. psoans says:

      Leach is excellent in all conditions but I think that Amar Virdi should be given a chance. I believe that he bowled 1.1 overs in Sri Lanka and took a wicket, but Bess did not. I don’t think he was given a chance to play in Southampton. I think he has a good temperament and skill for it.


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