Time goes by so slow

I went to a shop to buy something today. The particular item was not available in store so I preordered it. The sales assistant said that the date was the 27th. I was shocked. Thankfully I checked the date on my iPhone before I could start a polite British discussion with her.

July 1st seems so close yet so far away. I have so many things to decide on. Do I start at 00:01 am on Sunday or should I go to bed so that I can go to church. When I take communion I will be absolved either way. I will be forgiven for the sins I will be committing through my writing or I will be blessed with ideas. Maybe I just need my panic mode to kick in and I will end up writing 30k words in one week. It should be fun. Last time during NaNoWriMo my poison of choice was Dalwhinnie. This time I think it is going to be Angostura rum with Diet Coke. Nothing like some good dark rum to open the creative faucet and lower the level of panic. I may keep a nice Riesling in the fridge for happier scenes. Dr. Loosen is probably my favourite. Any other suggestions for a good Riesling available in the U.K. that does not cost an arm and a leg will be most welcome.

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