Thank You!!!!

A big thank you to all my followers and being part of my journey. A small preview of what you can expect in the coming month. July brings Camp Nanowrimo. I will update my blog with my progress. I will continue with my cricket analysis. I am closely following the case of Billy and children like him on families4access. If you are in the U.K. I strongly urge you to support this cause. I have epilepsy butut I am one of the lucky ones where a particular set of drugs worked on me. There are other people out there needs CBD oil to help them become stable. We need to give them as much support as possible. I will be exploring this topic and epilepsy in general too. I expect to write articles on health and fitness as I have just restarted my exercise regime. There is a lot to write about and as always I look forward to your comments. My Twitter id is @PKSoans

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