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The Valentine Index

I believe that the economy in the U.K. is on an upward trajectory despite news that may state otherwise. This is based on a theoretical idea which I have christened “The Valentine Index.”

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Cricket Portfolio Index: Is England the Comeback Kings or Great Escape Artists?

England won the last Test Match in their tour of West Indies. Was this a lucky combination of events or

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Cricket Portfolio Index: End of 2018 Analysis

This post has been a long time coming. India created history by winning a series against Australia for the first time since independence. The Test between South Africa and Pakistan which was the last Test series that started in 2018 is in the final stage. The reason for being late is I wanted to ensure… Continue reading Cricket Portfolio Index: End of 2018 Analysis

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Cricket Portfolio Index: The End Of Specialists

The first Test match took place in 1877. Could the latest Test matches between Zimbabwe and Bangladesh as well as England and Sri Lanka be the sign of a fluid team formation? The reason I have to start considering this is the formation of the Test XI. As an example; Jos Buttler has not been… Continue reading Cricket Portfolio Index: The End Of Specialists