Cricket Portfolio Index: Can New Zealand End Up on a High?

This is the last Test series of the season apart from the one of Test between Afghanistan and Ireland. I will not be surprised if both the series finish on the same day. The selection of Bangladesh confounds me. I had written a post on the end of specialists. However, Bangladesh takes that to a whole new level. New Zealand played with beauty and grace. The match also showed why Kane Williamson was ranked by every list except mine at the No.3 position for 2018. There are two matches left. It is highly possible that Williamson will be able to overtake Pujara. I estimate that Pujara will need to score between 130 and 170 runs to take the no. 3 slot in my Test XI. I am not a betting man but if I was then I probably would put my money on Williamson getting that no.3 slot. More importantly, he would have done it in fewer innings than Pujara.

There are just a handful of Tests left to the end of the season. This is how the teams stack up.

The top players are below.


Tom Latham and Kane Williamson have had a huge increase in their ranking. Jason Holder has fallen out of the batting list. I envisage Henry Nicholls entering the list.


Trent Boult has looked good in the series. There is the possibility of him breaking into the Test XI but I believe he would have to take at least one five-wicket haul in the remaining four innings and wickets in each and every innings.

Total Scores

I have raised the cut off for the total score. Latham and Williamson have entered the list.

Test XI

As always I look forward to your comments.

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