Cannabis and Christianity

I do not publicise the fact that I have epilepsy or stand in Speakers Corner and beat the gospel into people. However, like any good apologist, I am willing to disclose both of this and defend my stance on these or anything I believe in. You will never know what you believe unless you know why you believe it. I first came across Medical Marijuana for Epilepsy when I came across an article for GW Pharma. I mentioned in that article that I would be willing to give it a try if given an opportunity. I do not want to talk about the politics of it because that is a whole different topic altogether. The news has been full of articles about Billy and his mother. I attended a press conference where they were there and other families like them. I was filled with emotion by what I saw there. I have never seen a group of well-mannered children in my life. I have never experienced such a flood of love and concern for each other. I do not know whether the Church of England has a view on Medical Cannabis. My views are becoming clearer by the day though. I believe that Medical Cannabis should be permitted when traditional medicines do not work. I have read articles from both sides of the table. On one side you have people quoting Genesis 1:29 to advocate for the legalisation of Cannabis to 1 Corinthians 6:19 for banning it. I have never taken any form of recreational drugs. I have never even smoked a cigarette. I do not have an issue with CBD oil because it is not psychoactive. I may have an issue with smoking Cannabis though. This is because smoking Cannabis has THC which is psychoactive.

I believe our Christianity should not be restricted to the pews in church. There is a real world outside the church doors that needs us. Are we willing to get uncomfortable with the status quo? Jesus healed on the Sabbath. He asked the Pharisees “Which is lawful on the Sabbath: to do good or to do evil, to save life or to kill?” They remained silent. Robin Emerson has a two year old daughter by name Jorja who is epileptic and needs CBD. She was in her prom in front of me. She is a beautiful girl. My heart melted and I had to hold back my tears. Robin said that he is willing to travel to Canada and bring back the oil and risk getting arrested if it meant saving the life of his daughter. The Slavery Abolition Act would never have been passed if Christians like William Wilberforce, John Newton and William Cowper did not get involved. What are we doing about issues that trouble our society today? Do we just flip over to the next page in the newspaper? We need to pray. Those prayers must be followed by concrete actions. The disciples did not sit in a room. They went out. Peter and John came across a lame man. Peter told him that he does not have silver or gold but in Jesus’s name walk. Peter did not stop there. He took him by his hand and lifted him up. As a Christian I believe it is my God given duty to help people like Jorja and Billy. I may not be able to support them financially but I can support them through prayer, appearing with them and writing about this issue. These are gifts that God has given me and I have to use it to advocate for positive changes to our country. AMEN.

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