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The Windies vs. Sri Lanka test match is how a test match is supposed to be. Good fast bowling, dogged determination and the spinners coming to play on the last day. The margin of victory means that West Indies jumps to second place and Sri Lanka to last. The consolation for Sri Lanka is England were below them after their first test match. Four matches have been played so far and this is how it looks.

Just one match has changed the whole Test XI. There is no representation fron Ireland now. Cook and Anderson are the only English players to remain and that too they barely held on to their places. Once again I have taken the liberty of making Cook the captain. Jos Buttler will be the 12th Man.

The top batsmen, bowlers and total scores of players are below.

The obvious question is why are some of the top players missing from the playing XI. The answer is simple. Competition or lack of it. The highest competition is for the middle order and he lowest is for the opening batsmen. The fast bowlers have generally been picking themselves. I have decided that I will be going in with four specialist bowlers. I am disinterested in the combinations of the specialists as long as I can get at least four quicks and one spinner in the team. Another decision I have taken is that injured players will be eligible to appear in the Test XI. I generally will give the top 20 names. If you would like to know where a particular cricket ranks then mention it in the comments and I will provide it to you. This is of course provided that they have played a game.

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