Keep Billy Alive: Living with Epilepsy

Sometimes a story grabs you by the strings of your heart and urges you to help in whatever way you can. I have been seizure free for a bit now but I still get nocturnal jerks from time to time. I am not aware of it but it wakes my wife up. She then finds it difficult to go to bed because she fears that something may happen to me. Tiredness may sometimes be the only thing I feel when I wake in the morning on the nights when I have had my jerks.

When I have had my full blown seizures; my wife tells me that I begin talking like a child. Physically I can feel all the muscles in my body all tight and wound up. I can feel my head buzz and a severe headache race across my forehead and the sides of my head. The emotional trauma is something else altogether. I had a full-blown seizure in the Oxford Circus Underground Station in 2012. Even after all these years, I try to avoid the station. The emotional stress that my wife goes through is something I cannot even imagine. I cannot begin to imagine a situation where Billy and Charlotte Chadwell go through when he has 100 fits a day.

Each an every epileptic is unique. The right combination of medication must be found. For me, it is Lamictal and Clobazam. I am sensitive to the extent that generic brands are not as effective on me. There are other Medicines that I take too. I may be able to get by about 16 hours without my medicines. After that, I start to feel the effects of the lack of medicines. I have never smoked or taken drugs in my life. However am I a drug addict just because I start symptoms of lesser levels of medicines of legal drugs?

This post is not about me. It is about Billy. CBD oil has helped him reduce his seizures. It was prescribed by his doctor until the doctor was threatened with disbarment if he continued with the prescription. From what I know; CBD oil, unlike Marijuana, is not addictive. His mother did what anyone would do for their loved one. She was willing to go to Canada to get the oil and bring it back. The health of her son was paramount. Nick Hurd has six children. Sajid Javid has four children. I wonder how they would have reacted if their children had epilepsy. Getting censured because the office has a general rule that people should inform the company by 10:00 am if they are ill is downright stupid for epileptics. Asking them to get a letter from a doctor after three days of absence when the government has said that a Self Certification Form is good for seven days is downright idiotic. I would love to see how they react when their close ones get a serious mental disorder.

Epilepsy is a chronic illness. We appear normal on the outside and no one will be able to say that there is something wrong with us. The truth of the matter is that we do not want to be treated as disabled. I always give up my seat if there is a person who needs it more than me irrespective of how I feel. Everything should be done for us to make sure that our condition is kept under control. It does not matter if the medicine is Keppra, Lamictal or CBD. Charlotte Chadwell got the medicines specifically for her son. She did not seek to smuggle it in like drug mules or dealers. She openly declared it. I saw an episode in Bull which dealt with this identical issue. The only difference was that in the episode the mother crossed state lines rather than International boundaries. Her son suffered from a different disease. To see that episode was one thing. To actually see and follow it in reality in a place close to where I live has shaken me. If I can help Billy and his family in some way then I will do so. I have not done this before but I sincerely ask people who read this to post this on social media. Retweet it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, reblog it on WordPress and make people aware of this. Save Billy. He needs this.

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