Windies vs. Sri Lanka Test One Day Four

I was wrong. 42 runs to be precise. I made a statement yesterday that the Windies would bat until Powell scored a 100 or got out. He got out for 88. However West Indies continued to bat. I am glad that the game has gone into the 5th day. How important are those extra 42 runs going to be? Would they have been better off declaring early? Today was definitely the Mendis show. Once again the story that is repeated here is that there does not seem to be any batsmen who are willing to stand their ground and support a settled batsman. Today the day belonged to Sri Lanka. West Indies did manage to claw a few back towards the end. The Windies added 50 points to their overnight score. Sri Lanka added just over six times that. Day five gives all three possibilities. The run rate is achievable. That being said we do not know what is wrong with Chandimal. If Chandimal is serious then they effectively are four down instead of three. Will the game be over before lunch or will it go down to the last over? I do not know. All I can do is look at the numbers and conclude that West Indies have been the stronger of the sides so far. CricViz predicts an 89% chance of victory. I will be curious how it changes through the day. I would like to see a result. It will be a shame not to have one considering how they have played.

I expected West Indies to overtake England today. There is still a chance that the Windies will overtake them tomorrow but I would not bank on it.Going forward I will definitely be going in for the day by day update in the score. It makes things interesting.

I will have to wait until tomorrow but it may be difficult for Sri Lanka to catch up with the Windies even if they end up winning. I am comfortable with that. The winning team does not have to be the best team. Either way the last day will be interesting.

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