CWC 2019 Match 4: Afghanistan vs. Australia

This was another one-sided match where the result was as expected. I do believe that Afghanistan deserved more than 207. The problem though is that none of the batsmen stayed at the crease. Afghanistan may have some really good T20 games but ODI requires a different skill set than T20. We have not even gone into the realm of Test cricket here. Afghanistan, Ireland and Nepal do not play sufficient One Day Cricket to improve. Afghanistan played 17 ODI games. 10 of these were against Ireland. India played 27 games in the same time period. How is Afghanistan going to improve in the longer format if they do not play sufficient cricket? Still, people do believe that they can cause an upset or two. I cannot discount that possibility.

All eyes were on Australia as this would be the first ODI for Warner and Smith after Sandpapergate. Bringing back Warner and Smith back in the squad was a no brainer. Warner definitely showed his worth and continued his IPL form. This Australian team can go far but I will not be surprised if the heckling for Warner and Smith does too. The English fans can be appreciative when foreign players do well except probably for Australians who made accusations of cheating against England while doing it themselves.

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