CWC 2019 Match 5: South Africa vs. Bangladesh

Bangladesh has become the first Asian country to win a match in the World Cup. South Africa has lost two games on the trot. This would not have been something anyone would have predicted. Neither would people imagine that they would be the first team to cross 320 which was considered a par score prior to all the low scores that have spread to every team like a bad case of the flu. Bangladesh’s innings was refreshing to see. They played sensibly. The first 50 came in 42 balls. The last in 38. The middle period was slower. This was sensible cricket which resulted in a good score. South Africa was under pressure from the start. South Africa has a problem with the balance of their squad. This weakness combined with some excellent bowling by Bangladesh meant that there was just one result. I never liked the idea of branding Bangladesh or even West Indies as minnows or dark horses.

The supporters of South Africa are completely justified in being disappointed by how their team has played. Bangladesh can be hopeful of doing great things in this World Cup. The games may have been one-sided so far but I think that the competition just about to spice up. My initial estimates may still be on track.

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