The Muse

(Originally posted on February 17th 2010)

Every writer,poet or artist needs a muse. I am trying a new muse. I don’t know if she will work for me or not. If not I have another muse as a back up. I would rather not use her because I believe in what I call ” The Curse of the Muse.” In my opinion a Muse is someone you love, desire and probably even lust after but you cannot have her. You should not have her. She should be placed on a pedestal. Bringing her down to your level by proclaiming your love to her or confessing that she is your muse will end the power and blessing of the muse. Why take a risk and risk the wrath of a woman and a muse? I value my life a lot. However one thing that has put me in a dilemma is whether a girlfriend or wife will be jealous. Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman. Getting Bobbitted would probably be my greatest fear. I don’t mind getting put in the dog house but one of sayings attributed to Confucius is “Man who gets kept in dog house ends in cat house soon.”

My poem is below.


The first time I saw you splendoured in white.

Never have I beheld such an angelic site.

Has my mortal body seen the rapture?

How else could she my soul capture?

On another day dressed in velvety blue,

I wonder whether loving you is Taboo.

Heading towards the life of Kreon again.

Will I arrange for Uriah to be slain?

She is best left on a high pedestal.

A vision that is not real.

Another small piece of perfect beauty.

Has been revealed to me.

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