Always look on the bright side of life

(originally posted on February 17th 2010)

Sometimes the world can be quite a dry place. People need to have the ability to laugh at themselves. Yes I joke with people and about people. I do not get offended when people pull my leg because I laugh at myself.
Sarah Palin’s offence on the Family guy reference to her is uncalled for. I watch Family Guy from time to time but I am not a great fan of it. Family Guy can be rude and obnoxious but that is what makes it interesting. I have not seen the entire episode but I do not think Sarah Palin’s name or her daughter or son’s name was mentioned. Seth McFarlane said that the show was an “equal opportunity offender.” On days when it is terribly cold, I invariably end up telling my friend that I am “terribly shrivelled and to the left.” Those of you that have watched the movie “Liar Liar” will know what I mean.

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