Take a chance on me

(Originally posted on February 19th 2010)

Take a chance on me seems to be running in my head since the time I left the office today. I have no idea why. Am I going to meet someone that is taken by someone else but my love for her will be so great that I will be willing to wait for her? I have done it before. Looking back I do not know if that was love or just a crush. However I know that hearing the news that she got married made me physically sick and I needed a double shot of whisky to calm me down. My divorce was also a heart wrencher for me. I have a lot of pent up love to give. However the person who wants it must be willing to take a chance on me. I do not know how I will react. I want to love someone and would like someone to love me. Someone who can accept me for who I am.
I know with each passing day my Manglorean gene is becoming more dominant. Whether this is good or not; I have no idea.  Can someone be compatible with a Mangy-Mallu half  breed? I think and dream only in English. I can understand Tulu and Malyalam but cannot converse in it. I am both and I am unique. Pre ordained by God for a specific purpose. I am not a Mongrel. I am a thorough bred.

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