Shards of perdection

(originally posted on February 16th 2010)

I do not believe that perfection exists in the physical world. If one achieves perfection then there is nothing else to achieve. I am a Platoist in thought. Plato believed that reality was two layers. The world of becoming and the world of being. The world of being is the realm of ideas. It is there where perfection exists.

I believe that everything that happens in the world of reality is a small shard of a perfect idea. Take for example beauty. If I find someone or something beautiful it is because that person or object represents a part of my idea of beauty. Now each person has different perceptions of beauty. Each of those perceptions form a different idea of beauty. This idea of beauty in turn forms a shard of an image of beauty. So currently you have about 6.7 trillion ideas of beauty that forms one major idea of beauty. This beauty is of course the way humans consider beauty.

The reason I write this is for some strange reason Bryan Adams “Have you ever Loved a Woman” has been stuck in my head since the moment I got up.

This may be a trend that develops in this blog but here is a cover of that song that I find really beautiful.

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