CWC 2019 Match 2: West Indies vs. Pakistan

1st Innings Break Comments

I have to confess that I was not prepared to write mid-innings break so fast. I was comfortable working on building my Cricket Portfolio Index for the World Cup. Yesterday everyone was talking about having a 400 score. Today Pakistan just about managed to cross 100. Pakistan’s 105 runs in the third lowest score of the ground. The lowest score was between England and South Africa which England won by 10 wickets and 215 balls to spare. Stuart Broad wreaked havoc in that game. In this game, West Indies hunted as a pack. The bowling was excellent but Pakistan batted woefully. It was almost as if they wasted all the experience they supposedly should have got in the series against England that just concluded. Andre Russell has just picked up where he left off during the IPL.

Pakistan as a team got 321 batting points. To put that in perspective; I expect each player to score 275 points per game. Another way of looking at it is that Plunkett and Archer have a total batting score of 360 runs. Their 16 runs were worth more than the entire Pakistan team score. Now it remains to be seen how long they can delay the inventible loss. If the NRR comes into play then they will have to play better than what South Africa did yesterday.

End of Innings Analysis

West Indies achieved the record for winning with the most amount of balls to spare in Trent Bridge by beating Pakistan by 218 balls. It did appear as if Chris Gayle was batting on a different planet than everyone else. The take away though is Mohammad Amir bowled well. He was probably the person who was on the fringe of making it to the team. This game has again shown the importance of reading the surface. Gayle succeeded because he was willing to block good balls as much as he was prepared to be aggressive. Everyone else including Pooran tried hitting the ball out of the ground irrespective of the quality of the ball. I am confident that the margin of victory in terms of balls would have been bigger if Gayle had not hurt his back. The fitness of Gayle and Russell will be paramount to the success of West Indies. They have to be managed well. I wonder if Jofra Archer would have been able to break into the side if he had to continue to play for West Indies instead of coming over to England. I am excited about seeing West Indies play. I think they will have short bursts of some pretty lethal bowling while you will see some real big hitting at the top. Gayle has matured as a player over the years. West Indies has done well to put the bad blood that existed between them away.

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