Ideas From Dreams

I had written a post on dreams sometime back. Early this morning I had a strange dream. I am more spiritual than religious and I do believe that dreams can be harbingers for what is to come. I do not know if my dream has a deeper meaning but I know that it will fit nicely in my story.

I want to include some type of doomsday financial scenario in my book. In my dream, I exactly saw what the process would involve. I also realised how I would make my world more magical. The scene was so real so graphic so quick. This though is how fights are. Fights are usually not drawn out for a long time. It can last a minute or two. I witnessed such a fight. The whole thing was over even before I crossed the road from the other side to check if everything was alright.

This was not the first time I had such an experience. I wanted to write a battle scene which takes place partly on water. I wrote the battle. A few days later when I was travelling I came across the exact water body shape that I had imagined. The picture is below. To quote from a statement from a series “Do not confuse coincidence with fate.”

I have no idea how my book plays out but I know that I will have this naval battle. I will have a financial crisis caused by a shortage of a commodity. My mythology is strong. My weak point though is naming places. I am feeling better about Camp NaNoWriMo than I did yesterday. Now I wait for Camp NaNoWriMo.

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