Cricket Portfolio Index: Effects of T20 or just bad cricket?

There is a raging debate going on whether T20 was responsible for producing a result after the first two and a half days were washed out. It was great to see a result but I do not believe that the rise in T20 was responsible for the win. The historical runs per over are 2.87. This increases to 3.02 from the start of ODI. This has increased to 3.26 since the start of T20. The highest runs per over that Bangladesh has averaged against a Test country is 3.28 against India. India has on average the highest runs per over against Bangladesh. They have scored 3.95.

Bangladesh went into the match with only three front line seamers. This allowed Ross Taylor to slay the bowling after Wagner and Boult tore through the Bangladeshi lineup. Bad bowling will always be punished. T20 would have helped with the rate the runs were scored at but the biggest contributor of T20 to the Test was the lack of patience by Bangladesh. Test cricket is about patience and perseverance. Bangladesh needed to dig in but they failed to do so.

This is how the teams stack up:

New Zealand has gone to third but they are far from stable. I mentioned in my last post that New Zealand can go to number one. That feat literally rests on the shoulder of one man. Kane Williamson has injured his pectoral minor muscle. If he does not play then New Zealand will start the next Test below West Indies but will probably keep their position at three.

The top players are below.


Kane Williamson has come extremely close to Pujara. It will be a shame if Williamson does not get enough points to get to the Test XI. It will be a close call even if Williamson plays.


Total Scores

Test XI

As always I look forward to your comments.

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