Submissions for Sports Articles of the week.

I have started a weekly feature of what I think is the best sports articles. If you would like to share some articles or the link of the blog of your article then do post it in the comments. I am looking for articles across all sport. Just keep in mind the following

1) The article/blog should be available to read for free online.

2) The article/blog should be published after Monday 00:00 BST and will close on Saturday at 23:59.

3) The article/blog should be original and in English.

4) The article/blog should mainly be about sport and not just a passing reference.

5) I will post links to the articles that are submitted and you can read them or make comments on them.

6) The article need not be written by you. You can submit an article written by others.

7) I will not be entering any of my posts into consideration but I may include links to other related articles and mine in it.

All the best and looking forward to reading your articles. You may find other more established writers here but do not worry and do not be disheartened. I give credence to quality and thought.

Articles so far

1) Ollie Pope’s Selection by Ben Jones

2) Same shit, different season. Match report: Grimsby 1-4 Forest Green by Rich Lord

3) Why Every NFL Fanbase Should Be Optimistic In 2018 by Brian Sullivan

4) India vs England 2018: Ishant Sharma can benefit from the Lord’s slope, feels Glenn McGrath by Vishal Menon


6) Salah – To Newer beginnings

7) The Rules of Being an Arsenal Player by Chaz

8) From brewers to bookies: How Premier League kit deals map the financial world by Tim Wigmore

9) How the mind of a modern-day sports fan works by Debnath Roychowdhury

10) Over Rates In Cricket by Cricketing View

11) Qadir and the Hero’s Turn by Test Match Poetry

12) Ranking: The 10 Biggest Losers You Will Encounter at Sporting Events

13) Wickets, bats & Moeen Ali: Why I fell in love with Cricket by Marc Lamberts

14) Frequent sports protect mental health by archyworld

15) CricViz Analysis: Good bowling or bad batting? by Freddie Wilde

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