Best Sport’s Articles Of The Week: August 5th 2018

There have been some outstanding articles this week. There have been even more than deserves to burn in the equivalent of journalistic hell. I was reminded of my mantra that I used to drill into every intern that I trained in investments. I used to tell them that the first thing they had to do was to learn how to separate the music from the noise. These are the articles that created the music.

I will try to cover as many sports as possible. In all likelihood Cricket, Football and F1 are going to be covered to a greater extent. I will be posting a submissions post every Monday at 10:00 am. I will be posting the article I like the best on Sunday.

Number Five

At number three is “I Don’t Like Cricket… I Love It….” by Helen Devries. I love the vivid style in which this article is written and the imagery. It is like an artist painting an idyllic scenery. It feels so real that I can actually visualise the scene in front of me. I am looking forward to more article from the site irrespective whether they are sports related or not.

Number Four

Revealed: The Real Reasons Why The Blast Should Be Scrapped The Hundred has been a very controversial topic in English cricket. This article is an excellent and brilliant take on it.

Number Three

“Imagine there’s a future for Test cricket…It’s easy if you try First I love the reference to John Lennon. This article by George Dobell is a beautifully written piece about the very existence of Test Cricket. I doubt whether he knew how prophetic his article would be.

Number Two

At number two is “Youthful Curran turns England’s Saviour” by Vithushan Ehantharajah I discovered Cricbuzz during the IPL 2018. The litmus test would be if Cricbuzz could effectively cover the India series in England. I was about to write Cricbuzz off when I came across this article. The focus on young Sam Curran is excellent.

Number One

This is the article that inspired me to start this series. I wanted to name it as soon as it came out but I wanted to wait. The best article was England vs India, 1st Test, Day 1 by Sean. This article can be easily mistaken for another review of the day’s play. It covers everything that fans of English country fear. It pulls at the strings of your heart and into your very soul.

I had a great time reading and thinking of these articles and I hope you do too.

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