Camp NaNoWriMo Day 4 update

I was on an absolute high on the 3rd. I wrote about 5,000 words. England won the football match and broke the Curse of ITV not to forget the stigma associated with penalties too. The heat combined with the highs and lows of the match meant that I had more than my fair share to drink. How could I not when they had one of my favourite BrewDog beers on tap. That of course meant that I could get little writing done. I have to get quite a bit out of the way on Thursday and Friday because England plays again on Saturday.

I like the way my story is progressing. I like the darker start to my book. It seems more fitting than having a fluffy scene to start off with. My cabin mates have been really good so are the people at the discord group of Writers Block. If the creativity displayed there are a sign of what is to come then I am excited about the future of writing.

The more I write fiction the more I realise that I like going off the beaten track. Don’t get me wrong. I love writing to a deadline. I am enjoying attempting to beat the 30k goal. I read my work after I write it not with the intention of editing it but to check if it is interesting. If something does not surprise me then how can I expect my audience to find it interesting? The only thing I will change when NaNoWriMo starts in November is that I will take part in writing sprints. My fingers ache. It is the same pain one feels after going back to exercise after a while. I like writing at my own pace. I do believe though that if I had to take part in sprints then my fingers would be better prepared to keep up with my mind.

I have gone through two chapters without having the need to describe any weapon in detail. I think that will change soon. I am definitely looking at leather armour for my characters. This would mean that I would use slicing swords or piercing swords more than I would cleaving or bastard swords.

My main character is called Joseph Pigeram. The working title of my book is “The Priests of Konkor.” My first chapter is called “The Seven Flames of Jersisle.” I have introduced five regular characters. I have introduced the King but I do not know whether he will be a regular character or just someone who lurks behind.

My stats of NaNoWriMo are below.

7 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo Day 4 update

  1. beckyallinclusive says:

    wow, average per day 2000 words. Awesome… but isn’t it a bit ‘draining’ write and push yourself like this during the whole month lol

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    1. psoans says:

      Thanks. It is draining but I am keeping in mind that I will have off days. My other historical fiction novel that I wanted to write has been put on hold as I can’t seem to keep it to more of fiction and less of a history textbook.

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