Cricket Portfolio Index T20I: Afganistan: The new kids on the Block.

This is a little bit late in coming but it is here. I had to make sure that everything was right. With this coming out; I will have two out of my three Indices go live. My ODI index goes live on the 10th of June with the match between Scotland and England. The basic idea has remained the same but the weights that I have given has changed. I have also added a few more factors. I have added boundaries into the picture as well as batting strike rates. The logic behind this is that in test matches getting runs is more important than the pace you get them or how you get them. I have also taken the decision not to follow the latest ICC directive that gives T20I status to all its members. Due to practical reasons I will not be going and entering all the matches. I have decided to only follow the matches where teams that are granted ODI status are played. I will be including games between ODI teams and associate nations but they will come into the index if they play seven games against ODI teams. In the Cricket Portfolio Index the average score should be taken as 1,000 points. In this index 1,750 points would be considered as an average. I will not be posting reviews of the T20 games and the index. I will just be doing the index. Nearly everything else remains the same.

Afghanistan completely dominated Bangladesh. This is clearly shown in the margin of difference in the points.

These are the top batsmen, bowlers and the top players

Below is the T20I XI based on the index. I expect this index to be in a constant state of flux. The volume played will play a major role. I am curious to see how my index differs from the T20 Player Performance Index. Currently the ranking is below.

One big difference is that the above index takes into consideration all T20 matches. I have not taken a decision yet but I may include even injured players in the playing XI. I will not be including retired players. Below is the current playing XI. As always I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the index and the playing XI.

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