Chris Gayle: When Caribbean Calypso meets Punjabi Bhangra

I love the discussions that they have at Cricbuzz. Chris Gayle seems to come up whenever Kings XI Punjab plays. The panel over there kept saying that the main reason Kings XI Punjab bought Chris Gayle was for marketing. I saw Gayle in Goa quite a few years back. He has an aura and confidence about him. I shudder to think what would have happened if Gayle would have played against RCB. The self-proclaimed Universe Boss seems to be dominating once again. The implications this can have is tremendous. I have kept saying that of all the captains Ashwin has used his resources the best. I think he brought Gayle out at the perfect time. It will be difficult to leave Gayle out considering how well he is playing but it may make sense if he is rested for a game or so. If Gayle continues in this fashion then Kings XI Punjab is definitely in the playoffs. It was beautiful to see him hit the ball into the stands. It was surprising to see him scamper for a single so that he could get the strike. I hope we get to see more of him. Chok There by Apache Indian was the best song I could think of to celebrate the music of two wonderful cultures.

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