The Bard

(Originally posted on February 15th 2010)

So who is a bard? The original bards were an order of Celtic poets who recited the exploits of legendary warriors. In time the bard started being associated with travelling musicians.

In Dungeons & Dragons Bards are non lawful characters that has qualities of a fighter, a thief and a mage. A jack of all trade but master of none. Bards use their words and music to create magic. Now I consider myself to be a poet, singer and a slight musician. A bard of sorts. I am not a magician but if I can stir the emotion of my readers and to make them think then that is more than sufficient. I intend this blog to be the way I view the world. If I write any poetry then they will appear here. In the meantime let me start you on my bardic journey with the following songs.

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