I have just finished a book called “The Immortals of Melhua.” by Amish. After a long time has a book been able to arouse physical emotions. If the books to follow are as good as this then it would be an epic. A tale set in 1900 B.C. has helped me understand my culture. I know my mentality and outlook is not that of a typical Indian. In fact I will be highly disappointed with myself if it was the case. In two weeks time I will be casting my vote to decide who the next Prime Minister of The United Kingdom will be. The irony is that I am not a citizen of the U.K. and I have not got the chance to vote in India. I have waited nearly 14 years for this opportunity to exercise my democratic right. It will take a cataclysmic event for me to miss the elections.
My roots reach a spectrum of places but deep down I know that they are strong. The winds may blow and howl but it will not trouble me. For I know the strength that exists within me and the source of it.

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