Chelsea won the premiership. There is no news on the takeover  bid of Manchester United by the Red Knights. Tottenham got the 4th place and qualified for the Champions league. So which team will I support. I guess I will end up supporting Chelsea. Mourinho won my heart for Chelsea when I first arrived in London.   I may change my allegiance if Mourinho comes back to manage the Premier League. If the Red Knights successfully make their bid for Manchester United and Jose Mourinho comes in as the manager then I will in all probability shift allegiance.
I have been rather quite about the elections. I am disappointed in the results. I did not expect the Liberal Democrats to win the majority and mandate of the people but I felt that Nick Clegg deserved more seats. It felt good to be part of the democratic process.
Through all of this I can confidently say that I am a Londoner. Right now that is where I belong.

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