What’s new pussycat

(Originally posted on December 14th 2009)

Today’s events reminds me of the Tom Jones song. Abu Dhabi’s bail out of Dubai has in a sense made me paranoid. There has to be a catch. I cannot believe that Abu Dhabi will give US$ 10 billion just like that. The bonds jumping nearly double in value and the dubai stock market jumping by nearly 10%. This is unreal. There has to be some kind of logic to the emotions behind the results. Then there is the news that Goldman is planning a 1 billion IPO of an energy company that has no proven oil reserves. I am no oil experts but after listening to my colleagues around me I would say I have got some kind of knowledge. Even companies with proven oil reserves run a fine line as far as profitability is concerned. However one piece of news saying that they have proven reserves could make a big difference.

What a year it has been. A whole emotional roller coaster. I know the new year will bring in something special. I do not want to reveal it yet. Last year I was like a company facing chapter 11. In between there were some attempted mergers but I think the new year will bring more than proven reserves.

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