Snowed in

(Originally posted on January 11th 2010)

I was supposed to be at a business conference in London right now. Instead I am in Bangalore as I had difficulty getting the flight back to London due to the snow. Somehow that seems to mirror the economy. Over here it is a nice pleasant 28 celsius. In London it is freezing. People are hiring here and money is being spent by the common man. The infrastructure and real estate projects coming up in Bangalore are amazing. Some of the residential apartments coming up here and a more refined touch than some of the places in Central London. Being in India you can see why there is such a huge potential for growth. You can also see why the price of gold goes so high. People talk about the price of gold rising because it is a safe haven from the weakening currencies. However I believe that no matter what happens to the major currencies, the price of gold will rise because people in countries such as India will continue to buy it.

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