The Doppelgänger

It disheartens me to say this but a lot of private wealth managers and client relationship managers are doppelgangers. LMost of them smile when they are in front of you but once they get out of sight then you hear about their evil deeds and see their actions unfold. Most of them do not have their clients interests are at heart. These are times of great opportunity. Those doppelgangers and banks they work for can make a lot of money by offering products that seem secure. However the bankers would never have created the product in the first place if there wasn’t a significant profit to be made. The relationship managers would not have pushed those products if it did not fatten their pockets. I am not against bankers getting bonuses but what I do not like and appreciate is selling products which even a lay person can make out will do significantly better than the maximum ceiling on the return that can be maintained.It is an insult to my intelligence. Safety is an apparition. Either you believe in an investment and get completely into it or you stay out. Wading in a shallow beach wearing a scuba kit which includes an oxygen tank just because a Tsunami hit the land a year back is stupidity. You end up with a hurt back and the person who sold the gear has more money to fill the tills. Get into your swimming trunks or your 2 piece bikini and enjoy the water. The tsunami may come or you may get stung by a jelly fish but the reward you get for taking that risk is far greater than what you will get if you protect yourself.

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