Remembering our soldiers

(Originally posted on October 27th 2009)

Veterans day is coming and the poppy has started to accessorise everyone’s clothing. I hope that what I write today will not come back to bite me in the future.

I admire the soldiers and what they do and did. One of my favourite Indian song is in Kannada and it is called Madikeri Sipahi (Soldier from Madikeri) My favourite hymn is “Glory Glory Hallelujah”. My favourite sport anthem is “Jerusalem.” All of these are songs dealing with war. LI support the poppy appeal. However I also believe that there should be charities for those people who lost their jobs in the financial crisis. In fact I think we should hold a minute silence to mourn the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

I am in no way putting the soldiers down or elevating the status of those that worked in the financial sector. However when you join the armed forces then you know that at some stage you will be sent to the front line and will be killed. The maximum possible loss is your life. When a trader walks onto the floor then you know that your job will be at risk with every trade you make. You don’t take sufficient risk then you are fired. You make a huge loss then you are fired. You make a profit then you live to fight another day. Investing is war. You have to form your strategy and hope you are right. You fight the market. You may be able to have a comprehensive victory against human enemies but you can never beat the market. The market will always exist in some form or the other. Spare a thought for the misunderstood warriors. The people who used to work in the square mile.

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