Mankading: Spirit vs. the Law of Cricket

Originally blogged on March 26th 2019

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I was watching the Apple event while updating my IPL index when I suddenly saw “retired out” flash against Buttler’s name. My first thought was whether Buttler was injured and whether the IPL had caused a second injury in as many days. I stopped concentrating on the new subscription services of Apple and started going through the match commentary followed by YouTube to make up my own mind before the plethora of views on social media started to churn out.

Below is law 41.16 that deals with “Mankanding”

Below is the video of the incident.

There are a few issues here

1) Was Ashwin within his rights to run out Buttler?

2) Was it right for Buttler to be out of the crease?

3) Should Buttler have been warned?

4) Was it right for Buttler to be given out?

I should clearly state where my loyalties lie even though it…

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