Why I Decided to Change My Charity to Lord’s Taverners.

Last year I laid down the reasons as to why I would support Epilepsy Research but I have decided to change it to Lord’s Taverners. I have Epilepsy and I still do believe that research is the way that epilepsy can be made more tolerable for people in the future and those that have it now. I am not undermining their work but the research projects that they fund do not seem to be risqué enough. If you buy a ticket for an ODI or T20 then you would expect either big and fancy shots or quick wickets if not both. The last thing you would expect is a Sunil Gavaskar type One Day Innings where you score 36 runs not out off 174 balls and your country ends up losing by 202 runs.

Epilepsy Research U.K. is a smaller charity but they are cash positive. There is nothing wrong with that however not utilising funds can cause lost opportunities. Lord’s Taverners are in deficit but they have been putting the money they receive to good use. Sports particularly cricket must be a game that unites and builds people up. It is more important now than ever before because of the crisis that we as a country are going through. Twitter has been flooded with complaints from normal people complaining about social distancing. I cannot imagine how people who need social interaction will feel when they have to be kept away from each other because of Covid19 and all precautionary measures? Lord’s Taverners has the data for the children and their families that needs support and are doing things about it now.

Epilepsy and mental health is something that I care about but cricket, writing and investments are my passions. I have started with a modest target of £200. I will be donating at least 10% of my income to this. I hope you will be able to support me in this venture by donating using this link or hiring me. I hope this will be the first step in a long way to give something back to a game that has given me so much.

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