Steph and Dom: Can Cannabis Save My Son?

I did not know who Steph and Dom were until a few days back when I started seeing the ads for a documentary about their son and whether cannabis could save him. Last summer I did not know about other families who have been fighting to get access to cannabis. One of the those feared for the life of her son recently. People like Steph and Dom as well as the family of Alfie and Billy were featured in the documentary. They have been high profile cases. There are significantly more cases which are under the radar. The lack of focus on them seems to make their case and the way they are treated less important.

In 2012 I nearly escaped death when I had a seizure while waiting for a tube at Oxford Circus. A minute earlier and I definitely would have fallen onto the tracks and got run over. The emotions displayed in the documentary are a sample of what people with epilepsy go through. I am one of the lucky ones who has got stabilised through conventional medicines even though I believe that I am taking more medicines than I need to.

There was a point where Steph and Dom go through the medications that their son Max takes and read the side effects. Those tablets were fuzzed out but I was able to recognise nearly all of them by their boxes because I am either on them or was on them. I have come to the stage where tablets that would make a normal person drowsy have no effect on me. Anti-histamines would be a case in point. I am proud of the NHS. I think they do a great job given their limited resources. However, I will not go to see a neurologist through the NHS. I have found that they do not take the time to understand the needs of the patient.

There is insufficient research on the effects of cannabis. There is also the case that the government has made accessing cannabis medicines unnecessarily complicated. If conventional medicines do not work then cannabis must be offered as an alternative. My views on cannabis have not changed. It does not matter if the medicine has CBD and THC or just CBD. As much as possible cannabis should not be given to be smoked. Vaping is a grey area. Oil or tablets would be best.

Most of the research available have either a hidden agenda or are politically correct. As a man, I can completely relate to Dom when he said that he would like his son Max to start off with CBD and not take THC unless it was necessary. The problem is that alternative therapies are quick to be discredited. Turmeric, garlic, garcinia cambogia, Yerba Matte, matcha etc. have been used by people for hundreds of years. Things like that have suddenly become fads to the extent that you get whole fresh turmeric at highly inflated prices in major supermarkets. Legalising cannabis is a different topic altogether. Using it for medicinal purposes should have already become common practice. Taking the wrong medicine is as bad as not taking medicines. Cannabis may not be the answer to the solution but we will never know unless it is given a shot.

The documentary of Steph and Dom can be found on the All4 app or channel 4 catch up. It is worth the watch.

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