Nocturnal Jerks: A Friendly Reminder

Nocturnal Jerks have been commonplace for me for most of my life. I have not had it for some time. It came back like a thief in the night. Well, it snuck on me when I dozed off after a really nice Christmas lunch. I do not know what brought the sudden onset but the last thing I can afford to do is worry about what caused it. Worrying will just make it worse. To reduce the chances of my nocturnal jerks recurring I have taken the following the steps

1) Get my wife to double check my medicines.

2) Take my medicines on time.

3) Get sufficient sleep.

4) Relax a bit more with non-digital activities.

5) Eat healthily.

For some people, it is extremely easy to find the cause of either jerks or seizures. It is not for me. I have to carpet-bomb my life with various measures. The one aspect which is probably the most difficult is reducing the time I spend with digital devices. The good thing though is this has caused me to play my guitar more and to read hard copy of books which I have borrowed from the library to strengthen the novel I am writing.

The first step in any mental health problem is to acknowledge it. This is difficult, especially for men. Asking for help is something that is hard for us to do. There is help out there and we have to use it. We are not alone. There are people who are going through or have dealt with what we are going through. If you are not comfortable with talking to a person’s face to face or on the phone then engage with people on blogs, twitter or other online platforms. For most people, epilepsy cannot be cured. The good thing though is that it can be controlled.

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