Rebranding: From Macro to Micro Writing

I had a dream a few nights back that caused me to consider whether I should be more focused on the topics I write about. My dream showed me what I cared about. Whether it is a sign or my subconscious processing information is not for me to question or debate. I had written a post about being a macro writer. I still maintain that stand. That being said I have found that I broadly write about cricket, epilepsy and writing. I love politics and investments but I intentionally have stayed away from those topics even though I am well versed in them and am experienced to write about them. I am tempted to start writing about finance and investments.

  1. Cricket:  I will be writing quite a bit on cricket. Again this is likely to be on the macro and international level rather than on the domestic level. It will focus more on analysis especially The Cricket Portfolio Index. I still strongly believe that this index is more accurate than the official ranking. I will, however, be concentrating only on Test Matches.
  2. Epilepsy: I have epilepsy. This is something that I have become more open about. I have also realised that epilepsy needs more awareness. I feel that it is my responsibility to do that.
  3. Writing: I have started a novel and I am excited about how it is going. Part and parcel of writing are reading. One of my habits is to alternate between Fiction and Non-Fiction books. Apart from that, I have started a series of Sports Article. So far it has come from articles that I read but I hope in time I can get submissions directly.

These are the main areas that I will be concentrating on at least until the end of the year. Of course, if there is something that piques my interest then I will write about it. Let me see what happens.

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