Finally Justice For Cliff

The first cassette I bought with my pocket money was Michael Jackson. The second was Cliff Richard’s Love Songs. He shaped my music and the style I sing and play. Over the years other artists have influenced me but Cliff still ranks on top. I was shocked and surprised when the news broke out. I was horrified by the way it was covered. It was almost as if this was the first piece of news a start-up TV organisation was covering. According to the TV License website; we pay the license so that ” all licence payers can enjoy an ever-wider choice of BBC shows and services, free at the point of use, on a range of platforms. By buying a licence you support the creation of BBC programmes and services and new ways of bringing them to you. Our purpose is to ensure as much of the fee as possible goes towards funding them. Even though the ways we watch and listen are changing, the licence fee also allows the BBC’s UK services to remain ad-free and independent.” There was nothing independent about what BBC did and how they went about it. They sensationalised it. Taxes and TV licenses should go to improving services to the public and not to defend the actions of the police and BBC from unwarranted accusations. I was shocked to find out that nearly all the papers including the Financial Times had the story on their front page. The cry’s of journalists about this ruling curtailing the freedom of speech is uncalled for. I would like to think that we still live in a country where the law and police still treat a person as innocent until proven guilty though I know for a fact that usually, the party with the better lawyers win. All the best if you cannot find yourself a lawyer. If this had to happen to a normal person then he would probably be languishing in some prison somewhere. I believe that freedom of speech is paramount in our society. Without this journalists, bloggers, vloggers and people would not be able to get by. However, accusing someone and making them appear guilty is worse. If they have committed a crime then let every channel cover it. If sufficient proof does not exist then why waste valuable money on news crew and helicopters? I am happy that Cliff Richard has been vindicated. He deserves it. This though is an opportunity to question the need for TV licenses.

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