England vs. India: The finale.

I must confess that I really did not care how the T20 “decider” between England and India turned out. Frankly speaking, I do not know how many non-Indians really cared. After the second ODI, I have to question what would happen if England would have won the T20I.

I would like England to win. It is more important than the competition is good. I will be updating my index with the results of The battle of the spinners is heating up in England. Pakistan is leading in the seam department. England does not play until October after today. Other teams will start playing. England will have to put a comprehensive performance today. If England has to remain on top of my index. My estimate is that England will have to score in excess of 325 and restrict India to under 300. The average run rate at Headingley since 2010 has been 5.79. In other words, England has to perform at least 10% better and India should perform on par.

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