Camp NaNoWriMo Day 7 update: From Writing to Research

I have not done a lot of writing. The past few days have mostly been spent doing research. I would rather not complete my target for Camp NaNoWriMo than just write words. I would rather my characters have appropriate armour and weapons than go for fantasy stereotypes. Fantasy is a genre filled with stereotypes. These are necessary but if you push it too far then you will end up writing a cheesy copy of Lord Of The Rings than something that is worthwhile to grace the shelves of bookstores.

I love the katar but if it has to be used then how did my character that is kind of living in 10th century England get hold of a weapon that originated in South India? I cannot just plant a weapon because I like it. I am combining gambesons with chain mail. If I use full chain then it would make slashing weapons less effective. Fantasy readers know their stuff and cannot be easily fooled. The author creates a world with boundaries. If things have to happen beyond current knowledge then an explanation will be required. It makes more sense to kill someone using belladonna than cyanide.

Apart from working on my research; I realised that I possibly have too much dialogue and not enough action. That is something that requires work. I like leaving some things to the imagination of the readers. They deserve it. I would like to pass some kind of message too. I have an idea. I would like to make my readers think about various issues that our society faces too. I owe them that.

On a less positive note, I am putting my historical fiction idea on the back burner. I need a better approach so that I am satisfied.

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