Billy has got his medicines!!!

Billy has got his medicines. Thank you to everyone who helped support this cause. However this has just begun. There are more children like Billy who need help. They live from day to day, Medical Cannabis is the only solution for them. I once again urge you to contact your local councillor and MP. This issue has to be taken to Parliament and discussed there in full and not as a private members bill so that it can be shot down like the Upskirting law so that it can be shot down by people like Christopher Chope and Philip Davies. If a law that had cross party consensus and support can be shot down by one person then how much more support will be needed for allowing medical marijuana to become legal.

I believe that a strong positive campaign should be run. There is nothing to be gained by smearing people irrespective whether the facts provided are accurate or not. I wrote about GW Pharma and Epidiolex in March. I did not know at that time that Philip May had a holding in GW Phrma. It is a sound investment. Philip May may actually make more money if Epidiolex is released in the UK. We have miles to go before we rest. I just hope that we do not lose more children in the meantime.

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