I wrote this poem quite a few years back. I wanted to write a poem that was completely out of my normal style. I wrote this by adding Hindi and writing it from the point of view of a widow. Last month I saw an episode of India’s Next Superstar which reminded me of my poem. The picture above is taken from there and the scene starts at 2:50 into the video. Last week was Holi but surviving the Beast from the East was the reason I forgot about it. A belated Holi to everyone and may your life be filled with colour.


Holi Aaye re Aaye re Aaye re,

But how can I celebrate when he is not there?

Colours of spring everywhere.

But my life is prosaic and my hair grey.

For who can know the heart of a woman in pain.

Who can hear her silent wail.

While you sing and dance all the time,

I will hide behind my hypocritical smile.

Wear your white and paint it with a rainbow.

Just find me the darkest corner so I can lay low.

My hearts desire is for him to say,

Tumse alava koi nahi hein.

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